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Established 1988



Submission Deadline: March 1 for June meeting, July 1 for Fall meeting

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  • Research Grant awarded $1,250 payable each year for two years 
  • Note that awards are competitive, reviewed by ENS Board, to encourage ENS members to further the science and profession of endocrine nursing by applying for the awards
  • Topics to support nursing research or a clinical project in Endocrinology
  • Award presented at the ENS Annual Symposium Reception   


The purpose of the grant is to support the development and implementation of either a clinical project or an independent nursing research study.  Ph.D. candidates may submit their research as well. Recipients are selected via a blind review process in accordance with the grant criteria.  Outcomes of the grants are presented by the grantee at the Endocrine Nurses Society annual meeting.


Applicants must be current members of the ENS or enclose new membership application and dues for 2-years.  The award is intended to support a clinical project or nursing research study conducted by a registered nurse to address the clinical needs of endocrine patients.  The duration of the grant is one year and grantees may apply for a second year extension. The ENS will expect the grant recipient to deliver an oral presentation (approximately 30 minutes) depicting their work at the next annual meeting following completion of the project.  One-half of the award will be presented at the annual symposium when the award is announced.  If all quarterly reports have been filed and the project completed, the second half of the award will be presented at the next annual meeting.



      1. Name and credentials of Principal Investigator or Project Developer
      2. Title of Proposal
      3. Abstract (limit to 150 words and summarize purpose of study or project)
      4. Specific aims (goals and objectives)
      5. Significance (background information indicating a need for this work)
      6. Content (theoretical or conceptual framework if applicable, definition of technical terms)
      7. Methods and timetable (plan, measurable outcomes, study site, evaluation measures, specific timetable that includes a plan for dissemination)
      8. For projects involving human subjects, approval by the Institutional Review Board must be granted prior to project initiation
      9. References (document only sources cited)
      10. Budget (may include travel to annual meeting, but travel may not comprise the largest percentage of the budget)
      11. Curriculum vitae or expanded documentation of projects and/or publications
      12. Include signed Application and Agreement form

Grant Expectations

      • File quarterly progress reports (First of June, September, and December).  The timeline in the application should reflect this requirement
      • Present the outcomes via poster at the Endocrine Nurses Society (ENS) Symposium at the end of the grant year  
      • The expenses related to this presentation are the responsibility of the grantee and may be a percentage of the budget for the grant  
      • Grantees are NOT precluded from applying for the ENS poster award  
      • A formal abstract submission is NOT required as part of the ENS grant
      • Grantees are eligible to apply for a second (renewal) grant of one year to continue or amend the project if funding is available
      • Preference for awards will be given to members not previously funded
      • Applicants must be members in good standing for at least 6 months prior to the grant and poster deadlines or apply for 2-year membership at time of application 

Contact the Research Chair to get support and guidance in preparing a grant application.

Application and Agreement 

Grantees may also submit a formal abstract through the Endocrine Society for presentation at their annual meeting, using the ENS category selection.

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